ClaimShop slashes your claim costs and processing time, while delivering a uniquely smooth and satisfying digital experience for your customers. With over 70,000 discounted products and vouchers, the ClaimShop saves up to 12% annually on procurement costs – and your customer can quickly and easily replace their lost or damaged item in a matter of minutes.

Save big on claim costs

A range of automated processes, from automated depreciation and deductible to correct selection of valuation, prevents leakage and radically reduces the cost of each claim.



A smooth, unique digital journey

Customers can shop online with their claim compensation, and get exclusive discounts on a vast array of popular items. They can choose to spend their compensation on whatever they like – and even spend more on higher value products, to take full advantage of the discounts.

A faster, fully automated claim process

Any claim can be settled accurately and precisely in a matter of minutes.


Customer Journey

My bicycle is gone!

Is my claim covered?

How much money will I get?

How fast can I get my new bicycle?

Yeah – I got my new bicycle and discounts!


eVoucher makes it fast and easy for customers to purchase lost items. First of all eVoucher makes it possible for the insured to go to a shop immediately after receiving their settlement.

This means no more waiting for a voucher to arrive by post, and no need to print anything out. The customer simply enters the eVoucher code they receive by SMS when it’s time to pay in the shop. 

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