Scalepoint ClaimShop

Settle content claims and help your customers replace, repair or value lost or broken items within minutes.


Up to 14% savings

Big cost savings with up to 14% of your total claim spend on content claims.

+10-20 NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Smooth customer experience with easy online settlement of customer claims, exclusive discounts, and fast replacement.

+30 % STP (Straight Through Processing)

Increased productivity with an automated claims process ensuring any claim can be settled in a matter of seconds.


Zurich Switzerland

Claimshop Zurich Claimsmanagement (2)


Zurich Switzerland

We have reached another important milestone in digitalization of our core processes. Scalepoint’s SaaS claims solution has proven to be easy and fast to implement as an integrated part of the claims automation process. With this step, we deliver an even better experience to claimants as it becomes easier, faster and more convenient to register and settle claims.


Ralph Echensperger
Chief Claims Officer, Zurich Switzerland

ClaimShop functionality


The Settlement module provides a smooth claims journey for your customers and the most efficient possible workflow for you.

AI (Rules engine)

The AI modules offer a whole range of opportunities to automate processes and streamline workflows across your claims department.


The Shop module offers your customer to either have settlement transferred to his/her account, purchase a product or buy a voucher.

Business services

In order to maximise the value of the solution Scalepoint provides various business services including:


Ensuring great suppliers with the best discount. We always scout for new suppliers and optimize existing suppliers

Data Management

Turn agreements into data to make sure prices, product descriptions etc. always are up to date


Help the claimant with questions around the shop experience


Handles the whole cash flow and ensuring payment suppliers and claimants

Quick and smooth implementation

Go live in 3-6 months

Simple and straightforward implementation including planning, workshops, integration and training

Dedicated implementation team

Highly professional implementation team assuring low-risk and low-hassle implementation based on 20+ years of best practice

Smooth integration to core system

Easy access to general claim and payment data by integrating with your existing core system

Implementation process

A unique SaaS delivery model

Mulit Tenant Saas Illustration ENG (1)

A unique SaaS delivery model

Our delivery model is multi-tenant SaaS. That means you share the solution with other insurance companies and enjoy economies of scale. The solution is preconfigured with country layers but can be adapted to your exact needs. Implementation takes months instead of years, saving significant costs.

  • Pre-configured
  • Built-in country layer
  • Multi-tenant SaaS
What is SaaS, again?

Customer journey

My bicycle is gone!
I’m registering my claim online
How much money will I get?
How fast can I get my new bicycle?
Yeah – I got my new bicycle and discounts!

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