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There are many benefits of subscribing to software compared to developing it yourself. You get started faster with lower initial cost. And you reduce total costs because development, operation and maintenance are shared between companies. With our multi-tenant SaaS platform you get even more benefits.

Your benefits with multi-tenant SaaS

Our solution delivers software via a cloud platform that’s based on multi-tenant architecture, which means several insurers share the same application, database, and infrastructure. This reduces costs and ensures that you’re always up-to-date on the latest version.

Fast payback

Our platform is preconfigured and ready for use, so there’s minimal investment up-front and a short implementation time. Together these give you quick gains.

Configurable standard platform

Our solution provides unimaginable possibilities for configuration, so you can optimise workflows and differentiate yourself in the market. Your IT team doesn’t need to code and develop the solution, so they’re freed up to focus on core business tasks.

Future-proof platform

Your system is always on the latest version, so it’s future-proof, even when it comes to compliance and data security. Unlike older, self-developed solutions, ours is automatically updated weekly. You don’t have to do a thing.

Better overall economy

Everything is included in the monthly subscription, including country layer, operation, maintenance, and upgrades. This makes a great impression on your technology budget.

Quick implementation

Because our solution is ready for use, we can implement it in a few months instead of several years. You avoid long, expensive, and risky IT projects.

Always compliant

When it comes to updating the solution for new regulations and requirements, we take full responsibility, so you can sleep better at night. We’ll make sure you always live up to the latest compliance and data security requirements.

SaaS versus traditional software

With a traditional on-premise solution, you are responsible for everything except the software platform itself, which is the supplier’s responsibility. With a SaaS solution, the supplier takes care of everything, so you can concentrate on the business.

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What does multi-tenant architecture mean?

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What does multi-tenant architecture mean?

Multi-tenant means that several companies run on a common application and share the underlying database and infrastructure. When multiple companies share an application, it becomes affordable to develop more functionality including pre-configurations, country layers, and ecosystems. Not all cloud-based SaaS solutions are multi-tenant, and the benefits of multi-tenant SaaS are huge.


Our application includes:

  • Country layer
  • Pre-integrated ecosystem
  • Pre-configured claim processes

Customized to your business needs

Your own brand

Adapt to your company’s visual style so that the brand is supported, and the end-customers recognize you.

Your own setup

Configure to suit your processes, business rules, communications, user roles and reports.

Your own ecosystem

Add new digital services, apps or service partners via the open REST API.

Other adjustments

Expand the functionality together with our professional services team.

Always compliant. Always secure.

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Always compliant. Always secure.

Compliance and data security are fundamental elements of our solutions. We have solid processes and well-established governance, which means we deliver robust and simple solutions without compromising legal requirements, data security and user-friendliness.

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