What’s your number 1 business challenge?

Making sure customers get a quick and easy claims experience?

Providing a fully digital claims process with overview for both customers and employees?

Seizing the opportunities within automation and data?

EasyClaims Accelerators

For some insurers, the future is unclear. For EasyClaims customers, it’s wide open – an open, scalable collaboration platform for employees, service providers and customers alike.

Put the customer in focus

Your customer deserves instant service when filing a claim. We make sure customers can access their claim info online at any time, track their timeline and connect with you on whatever channel they prefer. This facilitates easy communication and creates great transparency.

Take a giant digital leap

Tired of using an enormous amount of time and money on IT development? These solutions are ready to use and delivered as Software as a Service. That means your world-class claims management can be up and running faster with a lower total cost of ownership. From day one you get the full claim process supported end to end. It connects with your external suppliers, customers and everybody you need to be involved with.

Adopt intelligent automation

Optimize the claim process with intelligent automation. We cover both the internal tasks and the customer journey with intelligent rules and automated tasks and messages – all in one place, where you can control the speed and decisions.

Configurable Standard Solutions

We have configurable standard solutions for the biggest insurance products. Integrations with external systems and suppliers have already been developed, and all claim-specific features and settings are ready to use.

The system is still highly configurable according to your claim workflow and business needs.

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