What’s your most pressing business challenge?


Compliance. It costs an enormous amount of time and money to ensure compliance and data security at a sufficient level.


Customer service. The end-customers will be served across all channels, including the digital ones. But it’s difficult to offer fast, easy access to relevant information online.


Obsolete systems. It’s unclear how to get rid of the old, rigid claim system without having to invest large sums in years-long projects, which are often risky.


Automation. Manual routine tasks and administration costs are increasing, so you need to find new ways of working to increase productivity.

What puts our solutions in their own league?

We combine over 20 years’ expertise in claims handling with the latest technologies. Our solutions ensure you get a well-functioning digital platform, so you can handle your end-customers’ claims quickly and efficiently.

Multi-tenant SaaS platform

SaaS is fast and easy to implement. And with multiple insurance companies on the same platform, your total costs of operation are significantly reduced. Our solutions are always up-to-date and they comply with the latest regulatory and data security requirements.

Nordic roots

Our solutions are developed in the Nordics, one of the most digitalized regions in the world. This means they are born out of a strong design culture with a focus on simplicity and advanced functionality.

Experts in claims solutions

With over 20 years’ experience and 200 employees in five countries, we are experts in digital claims solutions. We handle more than 5.5 million claims per year and invest up to 40% of our revenue in R&D.

Simply connecting all stakeholders

Our solutions integrate and digitalize claims handling across all parties and systems. They connect you with your end-customers and partners in a consistent, digital flow from start to finish.

Explore our solutions

Whatever technology you are running today, your business size or your claim needs, we’ve got you covered.

Scalepoint CORE

Replace your outdated core system with a complete standard claim system that’s preconfigured with optimised functionality and country layers. Unlike traditional solutions, CORE is delivered as SaaS.

Scalepoint HUB

Expand your existing claims system with supplier management and digital claims procurement, built-in price controls and automated processes tailored to motor, property and health.

Scalepoint ClaimShop

Quickly calculate content claims with a precise settlement tool and make it easy for your end-customers to repurchase items in our web shop. You get attractive discounts through our purchasing agreements.

A unique SaaS delivery model

Our delivery model is a multi-tenant SaaS. That means you share the solution with other insurance companies and enjoy economies of scale. The solution is preconfigured with country layers but can be adapted to your exact needs. Implementation takes months instead of years, saving significant costs.

  • Pre-configured

  • Built-in country layer

  • Multi-tenant SaaS

How Scalepoint fits into your system landscape

Whether you choose one or more solutions, each one fits easily with your current landscape.

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