Who are we?

We are 200 claims nerds with 11 nationalities in offices in Denmark, Poland and Switzerland. We are passionate about improving the customer journey for end-customers and are curious to understand our customers’ needs. We work closely with you to foster an open and honest dialogue, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to make the complex simpler.


Founded in Copenhagen by Danish insurance pioneers


European insurance companies have chosen Scalepoint


Billion DKK paid in claims per year


Million claims handled via our solutions

The Scalepoint spirit

We challenge the status quo to create better, smarter and more future-proof solutions for insurance companies, always aiming for a smoother customer journey when a claim is in process. We work as a team with your claims organisation to keep project structures as simple as possible.

We were born with an ambitious vein that continues to run throughout the company. We set the bar high and want to contribute to real change in the insurance industry. That’s why we’re leaders in our field and are still investing significantly in R&D.

Our customers should always feel that we are running on fully charged batteries, with a spark in our eyes and clear goals before us. That’s why we hire people with energy, drive and a burning desire to work with new technology, new business models and insurance companies in other countries.

We are pragmatic by nature and always focus on making the complex simple for you and your end-customers. We are guided by Nordic simplicity, both in how we develop our solutions and how we organise ourselves.

Behind every computer sits a human, and even though we are software geeks, human relationships are our highest priority. We are interested in each other as people, and in the people we work with as customers and partners. Openness and honesty are the cornerstones of our personal relationships.

Corporate citizenship

We seek to be a good corporate citizen in everything we do.

The principles encompassed in our sustainability policy cover all areas of operations and have been developed and continue to be reviewed against and updated by reference to relevant codes of corporate governance and international standards.

Our  Board of Directors supports the principles in those codes and standards. This support directly translates into a set of guidelines and standards, documented in our CSR policy, that forms a common approach for Scalepoint companies and provide practical guidance for our managers and employees.

  • UN Declaration of Human Rights

  • UN Rio Declaration on Environment & Development

  • UN Convention against Corruption

  • Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises established by OECD

  • International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights of Work

Our management

Tue Hailund-Carlsen

Tue Høilund-Carlsen

Chief Executive Officer
Sune Dyrlund Aagaard

Sune Dyrlund Aagaard

Vice President, Sales
Line Vedel Perlman

Line Vedel Perlman

Vice President, Risk & Compliance
Peder Ingemann Hansen

Peder Ingemann Hansen

Vice President, Customers
Lars Klepsch

Lars Klepsch

Vice President and CFO
Henrik Klarup

Henrik Klarup

Vice President, Product & IT (CIO)
Jan Bigum

Jan Bigum

Vice President, ClaimShop & Operations

Our board

01_Peter Heering_ScalePoint9599

Peter Heering

Co-founder Scalepoint,
Harvard MBA, Accenture
Partner in FOUNDERS
02_Ulrik Trolle_ScalePoint9665

Ulrik Trolle

Co-founder Scalepoint,
Partner in FOUNDERS
03_Lene Weldum_ScalePoint9461

Lene Weldum

General Manager
04_Hans Otto Engkilde_ScalePoint9681

Hans Otto Engkilde

Executive Vice President,
Managing Director, Simcorp EMEA

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