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HUB Property

HUB Property connects service providers, supply chain partners and assessors with claim handlers, ensuring all parties have an overview of the claim and required tasks. Customers get a full overview of the claims process, from filling the claim throughout the repair journey and completion.


A unique, world-class customer experience

The insured gets an instant overview of the claims process, including current status, next steps, service provider contact and more.

An open procurement network

All service providers can immediately be activated on a claim.

Automated processes

Any claim can be fully automated for maximum time savings.

Customer journey

My roof is broken!
Who is going to help me?
Inspection by craftsman
When is the repair conducted?
Great! My roof is fixed!

Building App

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Building App

Users can access all the necessary functionalities for progressing a claim. A tight integration with phone cameras ensures simple handling of both pictures and videos, making it easy to document all necessary information on location and quickly share it with claimants or other relevant parties.


It’s the smartest work tool for assessors and craftsmen.


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Risk assesment

Hub Property Building App RA 1

Risk assesment

A single system that appraisers can use for house inspections, whether it's for a claim or policy assessment. A risk assessment solution that speeds up fundamental administrative processes and streamlines workflows.

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HUB Analytics

HUB Property Analysis Report 1000

HUB Analytics

By combining the analytics module with the Scalepoint HUB solution, you:

  • Gain deeper insights into your data
  • Get easy-to-read dashboards and reports tailored to your specific needs
  • Get access to a unique setup for each line of business
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Other HUB Editions

HUB Motor

The claims handling system automates over 70% of all car damages and ensures quick contact to workshops so claimants get quicker service.

HUB Health

The system manages and automates the many processes between the insurance company and healthcare providers so that end-customers with health problems or injuries can focus their energy on getting well.

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