At Scalepoint we make
cloud-based claims solutions that help insurers digitalize their claims management.

Insured customers get instant help and services, while insurance company gets faster and cheaper claims handling with a digital footprint.

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Founded in Copenhagen by Danish insurance pioneers


European insurers have selected Scalepoint


billion Euro in claim payout processed


million claims handled through our solutions

What Our Customers Say

Rene Berg

Claims Manager, Tryg
Scalepoint has been a great success for Tryg. Both claims handlers and customers are very satisfied with the system. Scalepoint is flexible because the customer can either purchase a product similar to the lost item through Scalepoint’s web shop or get a voucher so that the customer can buy another item.

Ralph Echensperger

Chief Claims Officer, Zurich Switzerland
”Scalepoint gave us a new image and face to the customer as an innovative and digital insurer. We gained more transparency due to the excellent reporting capabilities, plus speeded up the payment process and lowered the average cycle time.”

Shazad Rafiq

Claims Manager Building, Storebrand
At Storebrand, we were looking for a system that could streamline our daily work, and where the customer could follow his case. Scalepoint Building has solved our challenges by making it possible to manage the customer’s expectations and include the customer throughout the entire journey. It’s an intuitive system that it is easy to educate our employees in and highly recommended.

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