Gjensidige puts customers in focus with Scalepoint ClaimShop

Gjensidige, a leading Nordic insurance company, uses Scalepoint ClaimShop to improve end-customer experience, reduce claims costs, and make operations more efficient. ClaimShop digitizes Gjensidige’s handling of contents claims, half of which are now processed automatically either in whole or in part. In many cases, end-customers get answers within minutes and can buy new goods at a discount or receive their payments directly. Gjensidige’s claims handling has become significantly faster, more uniform, and more customer-centric.


Gjensidige, which currently handles 200,000 claims a year in Denmark, is one of the insurance industry’s digital pioneers. When digital transformation was still in its infancy, Gjensidige decided to digitize and automate a number of processes in the claims department. The goal was first and foremost to improve the customer experience, but operational and financial efficiency benefits were also targeted.

"Back then, end-customers were not nearly as used to self-service as they are today. But Scalepoint’s digital approach fit well with our vision. We wanted to move away from manual processes, paperwork, and long lead times, but 100% focus on our customers was at the top of the list. When customers experience contents damages, it should be easy and quick to get compensation. At the same time, we wanted to make our claims handling more uniform and simplify case administration.”

Henrik Sagild

Claims director at Gjensidige

Gjensidige first implemented Scalepoint HUB Property and then expanded with ClaimShop and Scalepoint HUB Motor. Today, Gjensidige subscribes to most of Scalepoint’s SaaS solutions. Sagild says:

“We use ClaimShop to process contents claims. ClaimShop consists of a calculation tool, a rule engine, and a webshop. This means that we can handle many claims from A to Z in minutes without manual processes. Damages are calculated automatically, and customer communication is also automated. End-customers experience that we are immediately available when they need to make a claim. It is important that our customers experience that we have the best solutions on the market.”. 

Convenience, convenience, convenience

ClaimShop provides significant benefits for both Gjensidige’s end-customers and stakeholders within the organization. End-customers experience a coherent, digital flow because they can quickly register a claim, upload receipts, and receive payment or repurchase damaged contents at a discount in the webshop.

”Our customers want convenience above all else. In addition, we offer discounts of up to 20% on everything they buy. The supplier network in ClaimShop is so comprehensive that you can buy pretty much everything right there. End-customers have full freedom to buy something completely different from what they have lost or to have the money paid out. Even if a customer has a bicycle stolen and this was not insured, we can let them buy a new bicycle at a discount. The purchasing cooperative is big and works well, so we can negotiate good discounts. This is a real plus for our end-customers, and thus for us.”

ClaimShop creates value for Gjensidige by increasing productivity and boosting growth. Sagild says:

”Productivity improves when processes are digitized and uniform. Our employees can focus on providing good, personal customer service. Moreover, employees with special competencies can skip routine tasks and instead concentrate on what they are good at, namely the more complex insurance cases. As a result, we can easily increase the volume of damage claims without adding more manual processes. Overall, the solution helps us grow because it’s fast, accurate, and our customers are very satisfied”

The built-in calculation tool quickly calculates damages, all while business rule compliance is assured and prices are challenged. The costs of damaged goods are checked against a digital product catalog, so Gjensidige receives a quick answer about what the goods are worth and which products can take their place.

”The calculation tool contributes to uniform, high-quality claims handling. But we also save administration and compensation costs because we can eliminate manual errors along the way,” says Kasper Stentoft, head of business development and purchasing for claims in  Gjensidige.

Automates half of all contents claims

Gjensidige processes about half of all contents claims automatically, either fully or in part, through ClaimShop. With the help of a rule engine, Gjensidige has set clear guidelines for when claims are treated automatically or should be handled by a claims handler. The number of damaged goods does not matter as much as the category.

”Over 20% of all items registered in ClaimShop are automatically approved. We can set up drop-out criteria ourselves for things like expensive jewelry, watches, furs, and cash. We handle items like these manually. However, if a claim covers many different items, parts of the claim may be approved automatically while the rest are dealt with by a loss adjuster or claims handler. We have full freedom to set the rules as we wish. ClaimShop is used by many insurance companies, so our competitiveness depends on how good we are at fine-tuning the rules,” explains Kasper Stentoft.

Strategic sparring with Scalepoint's claims experts

ClaimShop evolves with new technologies. For example, within a few years, AI will play a more important role. Stentoft says:

“AI will, for example, scan and check receipts automatically and ensure that receipts and metadata match. AI can do this kind of work much faster than humans. It is basically about improving and refining the solution, and Scalepoint is very responsive to our ideas for new features”

Sagild concludes:

“We collaborate with Scalepoint on both the operational and strategic levels. Discussing our strategic direction with Scalepoint and their understanding of what we want to achieve concerning our customers adds value. It’s a real plus that they can automate tasks so we can improve both the customer experience and our processes. Our digital agenda is changing rapidly, and Scalepoint supports this transformation.”

About Gjensidige Insurance company

Gjensidige is a leading Nordic non-life insurance company. Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, it employs approximately 3,700 staff, of which 700 are in Denmark. The company offers non-life insurance in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Baltics. In Norway, pensions and savings are also offered. Operating income in 2020 was NOK 28 billion, while total assets amounted to NOK 118 billion. Gjensidige in Denmark recently acquired Mølholm Forsikring A/S and NEM Forsikring.