Flexible consulting services


We implement and set up the system according to your needs.


We offer hands-on system training to your claims handlers.

Request for change

We make changes or add new functionality to the solution according to your needs.

Performance consulting

We prepare any extended reports your need.


We collaborate on the development of new functionality for the platform.


We optimise claims processes and workflows for better performance in your claims department.

Four types of service agreements

You can choose exactly the type of service agreement that best suits your business. The longer the terms, the greater the capacity and faster response time we offer.

Ad hoc

Hours are purchased as needed

Pay as you go

Less administration

Reserved capacity

Guaranteed response time and capacity

Dedicated team

Full control over your resources

The same thoroughly tested process. Every time.

Regardless of the type of service agreement you choose, we guarantee the same process, which ensures quality in all deliveries.

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