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Dreaming of a state-of-the-art, tailored, and super-digital core system? We provide a complete and intuitive core system (PAS) that digitises all policy and claims processes and can easily be customised to your business. This allows you to allocate your time and resources to your core business.

Are you experiencing these challenges too?

Low level of digitisation

Your current core system is outdated, updates are expensive, and achieving semi or full automation is difficult.

New customer needs

Customers increasingly demand digital solutions with self-service options.

New legal requirements

New and extensive legal requirements are imposing increasing organisational demands.

Large IT investments

Replacing your core system is a massive investment.

The complete insurance solution

The Complete Insurance Solution Illustration

The complete insurance solution

The Scalepoint CORE system consists of two main products, both delivered as SaaS with country layers:

  • PolicyCORE - a complete policy system that includes all necessary functionalities for policy administration, billing, product development, distribution, and risk management. Read more here.
  • ClaimsCORE - a complete claims system that digitises all internal and external processes and workflows, ensuring efficient and good claims processes for your customers and partners. Read more here.

For CORE, we furthermore offer two add-ons:
A sales system optimised for sales departments, agents, and external partners, as well as a customer portal where customers can report claims and get an overview of policies and claims. The solutions are 100% integrated and ready to use.

Advantages of a super-digital standard system

Scalepoint CORE is a turnkey solution, and we have made it easy to get started. The key benefits of Scalepoint CORE are:

Improved customer journey

You enhance the digital customer journey by quickly meeting customers' needs and expectations.

Low costs

Your total costs are reduced by up to 50 percent, as everything is included in an annual subscription.

No code

You don't need to code, just configure products and systems to your needs.


You are always at the forefront of technological development because the system is multi-tenant SaaS and born super-digital.

Better decisions

You make better business decisions based on big data.


You are always compliant as we adhere to all security and regulatory requirements.

Functionality and services of world-class quality

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Functionality and services of world-class quality

  • Full automation: We automate processes for faster case processing and error minimisation.
  • Full integration: The solutions are 100% integrated and ready to use.
  • Always the latest version: The software updates automatically, ensuring you are always up-to-date with security and regulatory requirements.

Scalepoint connects the entire ecosystem

Our insurance solutions create complete transparency throughout the value chain and automatic progression of tasks. The result is more satisfied stakeholders, as well as a more efficient operation based on a plethora of new data-driven insights. We call it intelligent automation.

We develop and maintain Denmark's most comprehensive ecosystem.

The built-in ecosystem in Scalepoint CORE is a digital gateway to relevant public IT systems, selected service partners, and other digital services. We are always ahead of requirements and adapt automatically, allowing you to focus all efforts on your core business.

Industry standard

For example SOS Rejseforsikring, Dansk Autohjælp, F&P EDI (Opsigelse, Regres, Skadehistorik og Panthaver), PBS - NETS, Naturskadeafgift, DFIM and FORSI/AUTOTAKS

Country standard

For example CPR/CVR opdatering, CPR-registeret, E-indberet, DMR, BBR, DAWA and Datafordeler

3rd party (access via portal)

For example damage service companies, +10.000 workshops, +5.000 craftsmen, +20.000 suppliers via Nemhandel, Navision, PowerBI, Taksatorringen and AutoIT

Core Main Popermo Case 1 Henrik Boysen 716X706


"We had reached a point where it made more sense to invest in one central system compared to working in several different systems. After researching the market for possible solutions, the choice fell on ClaimsCORE – a SaaS-based, pre-configured claims platform with the possibility of customisation."

Henrik Boysen

CEO, Popermo Forsikring G/S

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A unique SaaS delivery model

Mulit Tenant Saas Illustration ENG (1)

A unique SaaS delivery model

Our delivery model is multi-tenant SaaS. That means you share the solution with other insurance companies and enjoy economies of scale. The solution is preconfigured with country layers but can be adapted to your exact needs. Implementation takes months instead of years, saving significant costs.

  • Pre-configured
  • Built-in country layer
  • Multi-tenant SaaS
What is SaaS, again?

Explore the individual solutions


Make it easy and efficient to develop new products, as well as sell and administer policies. A SaaS-based policy system that digitises crucial sales and customer processes, thereby optimising your business and enhancing the customer experience.


Digitalize experiences, processes, and workflows, and bring flexibility, efficiency, and exceptional claims experiences to your customers with an end-to-end claims-solution. A preconfigured, turnkey SaaS solution designed to make your work easier.

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