What if you could solve some of your biggest challenges?


Is it difficult to cater to end-customers’ expectations of easy and digital customer service?


Is it time- and resource-intensive to live up to current requirements for compliance and data security?


Is it difficult to find IT resources that have the expertise to maintain an outdated claims system?


Can your business endure a years-long process to switch to an up-to-date claims system?

With Scalepoint CORE, you can retain customers because you meet their expectations for quick, convenient customer service when the damage has occurred. You get up and running quickly because you don’t have to develop your own solution. You increase productivity with automated processes, achieve faster cycle times and experience less leakage. The total cost of operating, maintaining and updating the claims system decreases by up to 50% compared to traditional claims systems. You get a future-proof solution that’s updated regularly and complies with all legal requirements.

Why Scalepoint CORE?

Quick implementation

Months instead of years.
The solution is 90% ready to use.

Low total cost

Up to 50% savings with multi-tenant SaaS.
Includes operation, country layer and standard setup.

Developed by Nordic claims nerds

Nordic experts in digital claims.
Best-in-class processes and user friendliness.


Scalepoint CORE supports all steps in claims handling, both
customer-facing and administrative processes.

A unique SaaS delivery model

Our delivery model is a multi-tenant SaaS. That means you share the solution with other insurance companies and enjoy economies of scale. The solution is preconfigured with country layers but can be adapted to your exact needs. Implementation takes months instead of years, saving significant costs.

  • Pre-configured

  • Built-in country layer

  • Multi-tenant SaaS

A standard solution based on best practices

Our solution is ready to use. Using our best practices from over 30 insurance companies, we have made it as easy as possible to get started. The solution is preconfigured, so you don’t have to spend IT resources on coding. At the same time, the solution is configurable, so you can adapt it to your needs.

Screen layout

Preconfigured data fields and user interface that support all claim types.

User roles

Assigning user roles and tasks to internal and external users.

Business processes

Preconfigured processes, designed to optimise all claim types.


Templates for emails, text messages and various online communication channels.

Business rules

Automatic validation of damage coverage, costs and user behavior.


Standard dashboards and reports with specific KPIs per claim type.

Scalepoint CORE includes claims processes for all insurance products

Private product lines






Commercial products




  Workers compensation

  Professional insurance

Dedicated claims

Scalepoint CORE’s built-in ecosystem is a digital gateway to relevant public IT systems, selected service partners and other digital services.

Industry standard

Travel assistance
Roadside assistance

Country standard

National registers

3rd party (access via portal)

Agents, brokers, and others


End-customers want online self-service. Our solution includes a customer-facing user interface with relevant functionality that makes it easy for end-customers to report damage, track status and communicate with relevant parties.

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