Why own your software when you can just rent it?

Many insurance companies spend a great amount of time and money on developing their own software. But guess what? You can just rent it and thereby reduce the costs significantly.

VP of Sales

Sune Aagaard


Scalepoint’s SaaS-platform is developed on a multi-tenant solution as you share the same application, database, and infrastructure with other insurance companies, and your software is delivered through the cloud.

But what are the perks of renting your software via our multi-tenant SaaS more specifically?

Here are 6 reasons for choosing our rental solution instead of developing your own:

  1. Since the platform is already developed it is ready to use and therefore ensures a quick payback
  2. It enables endless possibilities of configuration so that you can optimize your workflows and differentiate yourself on the market
  3. Our solution is future-proofed as you are always in on the latest updates
  4. A better economy as you share the costs with other insurance companies
  5. Quick implementation in just a few months – instead of years which are the common
  6. Always compliant – we take full responsibility for updating the solution. So don’t worry about new regulations regarding compliance and data security

Convinced yet? We are always ready to meet up and talk about your company’s needs!

Do you see any reason not to rent a (multi-tenant) SaaS solution?

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