Cracking the code to lower claim costs

ClaimShop is a world leading cloud-based claims solution that allows you to settle a content claim and help your customers replace, repair or valuate lost or broken items within minutes. ClaimShop helps you save money and automate the claims handling process.

Why ClaimShop?

The claim is the most important moment in the relationship between you and your customer. It is your chance to prove your value and to earn your customer’s continued loyalty for years to come. Furthermore, claims represent by far the largest single cost to insurers – up to 80% of premiums are spent on claims. In short, ClaimShop helps you earn the trust of your customers while cutting costs significantly.

ClaimShop helps you in 3 significant ways:

Lower claim costs

Decreases your claims cost with up to 14% and processing time while delivering a smooth and satisfying digital experience for your customers

Considerable procurement advantage

With up to half a million products and nearly 300 supplier agreements, you create significant advantages for yourselves and, most importantly, your customers

Fast replacement of lost/damaged items

Your customers can quickly and easily replace their lost or damaged item(s) in just a matter of seconds

Pre-configured based on best practice

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Pre-configured based on best practice

Based on more than 20 years of digital claims expertise, ClaimShop is pre-configured using standard rules-based systems and predefined processes.


There are still countless possibilities to customize your system to suit your business needs. Check out our modules descriptions to discover the most popular configurable features according to our customers.


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Gjensidige puts their customers in focus with Scalepoint ClaimShop

Learn how Gjensidige, a leading Nordic insurer, uses Scalepoint ClaimShop to improve customer experience, reduce claims costs, and make operations more efficient.

Claims Management – an interview with Ralph Echensperger, Zurich Switzerland

Learn how the implementation of the SaaS-based claims management software Scalepoint ClaimShop offers value to Zurich Switzerland's business as well as their customers every single day.

Claimshop Customer Case Allianz 500X493


“Scalepoint is a further component in our digitalization strategy, supporting Allianz in using technology profitably and enabling our organization to deliver the best possible online claims experience to our customers”

Thomas Schaub

Head of Claims Service and Vehicle Experts, Allianz Suisse

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Digitalize experiences, processes, and workflows, and bring flexibility, efficiency, and exceptional claims experiences to your customers with an end-to-end claims-solution.


Automate repair processes for motor, property and health. Benefit from a solid ecosystem of claims suppliers and settlement tools. Provide online access to service partners and end-customers.

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