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Scalepoint congratulates Allianz Suisse on the rollout of ClaimShop

Scalepoint ClaimShop enables straight-through processing to deliver better customer experience and reduce time and money spent on a claim. Claims on damaged items are now being settled immediately.


“Scalepoint is a further component in our digitalization strategy, supporting Allianz in using technology profitably and enabling our organization to deliver the best possible online claims experience to our customers.”


Thomas Schaub

Head of Claims Service and Vehicle Experts at Allianz Suisse

With the Scalepoint ClaimShop solution, claims on damaged items are now being settled immediately in dialogue with the injured party or online as self-service. Unclear evaluations and long idle times are a thing of the past. ClaimShop’s automatic valuation and settlement together with online access make the claims process fast and easy for Allianz Suisse’s customers. In addition, the claims experience includes value-added offers that complement classic cash compensation. Thanks to an extensive supplier network and a convenient and user-friendly web shop, the claimant is given more choice when replacing lost or damaged content items.

Head of Claims Service and Vehicle Experts at Allianz Suisse, Thomas Schaub, continues:

“Despite all the Covid-19 challenges, we were able to integrate ClaimShop into our existing processes and systems in the shortest possible time and with little effort.”

Scalepoint is looking forward to our continued cooperation with Allianz Suisse.