More than just a job

At Scalepoint a job is not just a job. We understand the importance of a good environment at the workplace, where everyone can feel comfortable and appreciated. Below is just some of the things we do to facilitate this.

Employee development

Employee development

The development of employees on a personal as well as professional level is very important at Scalepoint.

We continuously offer project management crash courses, leadership development and certifications as required. Some employees are also educated in areas that they don’t usually work in to develop their area of expertise and pursue personal goals.

Career opportunities

One of the core values of Scalepoint is ambition, which also reflects the people we choose to hire. Being an ambitious company, we can offer exciting career opportunities where you can grow both vertically and horizontally within our organization.

We have multiple examples of employees moving from one role to another, like Jette and Ulrik.

Social activites

Social activities

Every now and then we come together to just have fun and enjoy each others company. This can be over a spontaneous beer on Fridays, at our yearly Christmas party or other social events. Getting to know each other outside of the workplace strengthens collaboration at the workplace – and makes it more fun to work together.

Sport events

Being active is good for your daily well-being, so why not do it together. For those who find an interest in sports, being active or just trying something new, we continuously plan different sporting events. Some examples are paddle tennis, disc golf, wall climbing, wake boarding or cart racing.

Sports events
Together Days

Together Days

Every last Friday of the month is all about being interrupted – by your colleagues. Not for meetings, because on this day meetings are to be avoided. Basically, Together Days is all about going to the office and spend time with all of your colleagues. Now, that it’s possible to meet physically again after Covid-19, these Fridays were invented with exactly that in mind.

Flexibility and trust

We know that people are in different life phases and have different requirements for working hours. Therefore we offer quite a lot of flexibility regarding when, how and where you work. If you need to pick up your kid and leave the office earlier one day, have a home delivery or need to take a workday from home, we will accommodate that. If you can’t leave your dog alone at home one day, bringing him/her to the office is also an option. We trust that you’ll get the job done and are certain you’ll do it well.

Are you our new teammate for the next Hackathon?

We love to have fun while we work. That’s why we enjoy our hackathons, where we explore new ideas, test new technologies and inspire each other across teams. It’s a great way to collaborate on innovative and new ideas and encourages collaboration and creativity within the team.

We always welcome new teammates!

A diverse bunch

99% highlight good working
with colleagues

42% eat a vegetarian lunch

Social activites

11 nationalities spread across Denmark,
Switzerland and Poland

100% digital claim geeks

Work-life balance

95% are generally satisfied with their work-life balance

63% ride a bike to work

95% highlight open and
honest dialogue
with their managers

38% are parents

Do you want to join the Scalepoint team?