Gain deeper insights into your data and start making powerful decisions

Our Scalepoint HUB solution enables a detailed process for claims management so data from the process of every single stakeholder involved with the claim can be collected in one place. Sources from which data is collected include the claimant, the claims handler, industry-standard pricing tools (i.e., Audatex) and the supplier who performs the repair.

Easy-to-read dashboards and reports tailored to your statistical and analytical purposes

When combining the rich data from the HUB solution with our customized module, you empower both your claims management and procurement intelligence by accessing and broadcasting the collected data in easy-to-read dashboards and reports tailored to your statistical and analytical purposes. This way, the collected data can be used to spot and analyze trends, processes that could be optimized, potential savings, better agreements, customer satisfaction, payouts, referrals, and more.

Unique setup for each line of business

To make the extensive number of data points across your claims and procurement management easy to grasp, each LoB (Line of Business) has its own unique setup for dashboards and reports, and KPIs for each individual part of the business is thoroughly analyzed in these.

With the Analytics Module for HUB,
you get:

Access to more than 1000
different data points

Pre-configured and live
updated data

A series of dashboards for each LoB (Lines of Business: Motor, Property, Health)

Standard or custom reports that can be exported for further analysis

End-user reports for claims
operations and supplier management

Specialized reports for service partners
incl. KPIs for these

Filter and drill
down features

Possibility to create
your own reports

Our experienced experts will help tailor your dashboards to ensure
that any data relevant to your specific claims management is intelligently captured.