Scalepoint personal data policy

It is important for us to protect your personal data. Below you can read which personal data is stored, registered and otherwise processed about you. Scalepoint uses your personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation and only process data that is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing.

  1. Registration and processing of personal data

Scalepoint Technologies Denmark A/S (”Scalepoint”), Aldersrogade 8, 2100 København Ø, CVR. nr. 38307347, is responsible for storing and otherwise processing the personal data collected by the company.

Scalepoint’s storage and processing of personal data is subject to the terms of this personal data policy.


  1. What personal data is stored and used?

Scalepoint delivers IT platforms to insurance companies for claim handling. To the extent necessary and relevant, Scalepoint in this regard processes information about the insurance companies’ policyholders.

Moreover, Scalepoint runs a web shop associated with the platforms, and in this regard processes information about the customers using this webshop.

Scalepoint processes the following categories of personal data about policyholders and customers:

Regular contact information (name, email, phone number and address)

  • Social security number
  • Claim history including claim settlement
  • Payment information
  • Purchase history
  • IP address
  • Answers from customer survey
  • Information provided in relation to a potential complaint or dispute

Personal data is processed in digitised and written form, and some personal data can be processed through audio recordings.


  1. The purposes of processing

Scalepoint processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • Handling of purchases of goods, gift vouchers and services in Scalepoint’s webshop
  • Payments of cash to NemKonto or another bank account
  • Communication in relation to supply of Scalepoint’s products and services
  • Surveys, statistics and analysis for improvement of Scalepoint’s system and services
  • Processing in relation to any legal claims or dispute regarding Scalepoint’s facilities
  • Transfer of personal data to suppliers, transporters and other collaborators for the purpose of physical delivery, electronic transfer of purchase receipts, continuous evaluation and other initiatives improving the experience of Scalepoint’s products. Scalepoint currently collaborates with Storebox ApS and Trustpilot A/S, who receives information to the extent this is relevant and necessary
  • Transfer to the policyholder’s insurance company to the extent necessary for the policyholder’s disposition of the insurance premiums, or to the extent necessary to address insurance fraud in the case of concrete suspicion of such
  • Transfer to the policyholder’s insurance company to the extent necessary for the sake of sensible organisation and conclusion of the claim handling at the part of the insurance company.

Processing of the personal data will be limited to what is necessary to fulfil the purpose associated with the processing activity.


  1. Collection of personal data

Personal data will have been provided by customers in Scalepoint’s webshop or by the insurance company that has processed the policyholder’s claim.


  1. Basis for processing of personal data

Scalepoint’s processing of personal data is done to fulfil the policyholder’s agreement with an insurance company and/or to fulfil a customer’s purchase of goods or services through Scalepoint’s webshop, as well as measures for preparation or improvement hereof. Scalepoint’s processing of personal data is moreover done in some cases where the processing is necessary for Scalepoint to pursue a legitimate interest, but only in situations where the consideration of the customer or policyholder does not precede such an interest.


  1. Sharing of the customers personal data

The following people will be able to access personal data:

  • Employees at Scalepoint’s suppliers and transporters who delivers or provide offers on goods or services
  • Employees at Scalepoint who’s work concerns the relevant deliveries/services and Scalepoint’s systems for these
  • Employees at the policyholder’s insurance company or the processing insurance company
  • Other collaborators to the extent necessary to improve the customers shopping experience in Scalepoint’s web shop
  • Public authorities, if required according to law, comprising concrete cases with the purpose of combating online fraud and other criminal activities or attempts

Personal data is stored in data centres (data processors) located within the EU.


  1. Duration of storage

Scalepoint continuously delete personal data when the processing is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data was originally collected. Safety measures

Scalepoint secures the collected personal data through technical as well as organisational security measures to protect the data against unauthorized access, manipulation, destruction/deletion or loss of data.


  1. Rights

As a customer in Scalepoints webshop, or if for some other reason your personal information is being processed by Scalepoint, you (as customer or policyholder) have the following rights regarding the personal data registered by Scalepoint:

  • To be informed about what personal data is registered by Scalepoint
  • To have incorrect data registered by Scalepoint rectified
  • To have data deleted once the registration is no longer necessary to fulfil the purposes in clause 3 and is not hindered by a task/duty resting upon Scalepoint pursuant to Danish or EU law
  • To be handed over or forwarded the data, which you have provided Scalepoint with, in a structured, common and machine-readable format, if necessary by email


  1. Cookies

In its webshop Scalepoint use session cookies (expire during or at the end of a browser session), which is solely saved while the customer shops in Scalepoint’s system.


  1. Alteration of personal data policy  

The current personal data policy can continuously be adjusted by Scalepoint to accommodate the at any time applicable data protection regulations.


  1. Contact

Objections to Scalepoint’s processing of personal data can be addressed to Scalepoint’s Data Protection Officer (

It is possible to file a complaint to The Danish Data Protection Agency regarding Scalepoint’s processing of personal data, including failure to fulfil the rights of the data subject. For further information we refer to the web site of The Danish Data Protection Agency