Stolen jewels lead to a new sofa

Losing one’s stuff can be frustrating and annoying. The fundamental purpose of insurance has always been to compensate customers for their losses stemming from a claim. The difference between then and now is that compensation doesn’t necessarily have to be used for repurchasing what has been lost.


When customers receive compensation from an insurance company partnered with Scalepoint, they also have access to a large number of attractive discounts in our Online Shop. As soon as the claim is approved, customers can decide entirely for themselves what they want to spend their money on. For example, a customer whose inherited jewelry has been stolen might prefer to buy a new sofa. Or maybe she’ll be tempted by a new flat screen TV at a great discount.

That means loss of one possession may well lead to the acquisition of something entirely different. The advantage for customers is that they receive discounts on everything they want to buy, no matter what it is.

This modern form of compensation offers customers a world of possibilities.