Scalepoint Innovation Days

Getting high-value ideas quickly off the ground.


As part of a new event named “Innovation Days” a total of 50 employees in Scalepoint recently worked around the clock for two full days developing innovative business ideas with the potential to make a difference for customers in the insurance industry.

Employees branched out into seven teams each working with an idea that they believe can create substantial business value for an insurance company, particularly in the field of claims management. Working under time-pressure each team developed a compelling presentation of their idea including a description of how it can be realised. Following this presentations were held towards a jury consisting of Scalepoint’s management team members along with representatives from two large insurance companies.

“In an everyday work setting it can be challenging to get new innovative ideas off the ground. That’s why we briefly pressed the pause button and used two workdays to boost our innovation spirits. Using time pressure and a clever competition framework we made people work with colleagues they usually don’t work with and come up with unexpected, high-value ideas. The energy this created was fantastic.”

Sune Dyrlund Aagaard

Product Director, Scalepoint

The jury elected two winner projects based on their core value not only for insurance companies, but also the customers they serve. Moreover, the uniqueness of the idea was evaluated along with expected time to market and likelihood of market success. The winner projects that were selected included a proposal to integrate third party data into Scalepoints existing solutions and a ‘chatbot’ solution that supports customers who have questions related to their claims.