Risk assessment

Better Process and overview of risk assessment. Do you want to facilitate the work of your field assessor, make the process more efficient and create an overview of risk assessments?


As a field assessor it is annoying to work in one system for risk assessments and another for damage and inspections. Scalepoint now has a solution for that!

Our Easy Claims Building system has now made it possible to integrate and handle risk assessments, meaning that all cases can be handled in just one system. That saves the field assessor from having to work in two separate systems.

We developed a simple standard for submitting relevant clauses from each insurance company’s own library. This enables the insurance company to show only the relevant clauses on the specific risk assessment – giving the field assessor a better and more structured overview. The field assessor can now select the actual clauses from a dropdown menu.

Scalepoint’s standard features (like calendar notifications, statistics and deadline overview) are automatically included, creating an overview for the field assessor. The functionality for quick and direct communication also supports the process and helps to ensure flow of information between the police department, field assessor and customer.

Benefits – in short:

  • All cases are gathered in one process and one system
  • Simple handling of clauses
  • Overview for field assessor regarding appointments and deadlines