New strategic partnership between Mancofi and Scalepoint

Two prominent IT companies in the insurance market, Mancofi and Scalepoint, are now forming an alliance with the aim of reviving and renewing INPAS - a policy technology system with a unique history and great potential. The product will be integrated into Scalepoint's CORE platform under the new name, PolicyCORE.

Ten years ago, several of Mancofi's current employees worked at Edlund, where they were deeply involved in the development of the policy system, INPAS. It was a period marked by dedication and hard work, during which INPAS was shaped with care and millions of lines of code. The product was created to meet the needs of small and medium-sized insurance companies, providing them with an efficient and user-friendly system for policy administration.

Unfortunately, INPAS was shelved, which was a painful farewell for the employees who had invested so many resources and so much time in developing the policy administration system. "We were really sad to let go of INPAS back then. It was like saying goodbye to a family member," says Line Find, Managing Partner at Mancofi and former CEO at Edlund. "But today we finally have the opportunity to see INPAS flourish again, and it feels fantastic."

Now, INPAS, under the new name PolicyCORE, gets a new chance thanks to Scalepoint's acquisition of the product, and their subsequent partnership with Mancofi and the employees who helped develop the system. For Mancofi, it's a joyful reunion with a product they were proud to be part of.

"A perfect match"

The collaboration between Scalepoint and Mancofi will mean that Scalepoint's customers can benefit from the expertise and support of both companies. This will ensure a smooth implementation and maintenance of PolicyCORE, as well as ongoing support and optimization of the solution in line with industry best practices and developments.

"We are excited about this partnership with Scalepoint," says Line Find from Mancofi. "Our experience and knowledge of INPAS and policy management will help ensure that the product reaches its full potential and becomes a valuable resource for the insurance industry."

The scaling potential for INPAS is enormous, and with the right effort and commitment from both parties, the partnership between Mancofi and Scalepoint can lead to groundbreaking innovation and transformation within the IT landscape of the insurance market.

"This partnership represents a unique opportunity to combine our technological capabilities and industry knowledge with Mancofi's unique insight into the product. Together, we believe we can create an exceptional solution that meets the needs of small and medium-sized insurance companies. We will jointly bring INPAS back as a valuable resource in the industry as PolicyCORE, and it is simply a perfect match because we complement each other's skills," says Sune Aagaard, VP of Sales at Scalepoint.

INPAS will be integrated as a core component in Scalepoint's CORE platform, forming the basis for PolicyCORE, the latest addition to Scalepoint's comprehensive insurance solutions. By combining INPAS with Scalepoint's existing claims management system, ClaimsCORE, the company will be able to offer a complete solution for insurance companies, covering both policy administration and claims handling.

About Mancofi:

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