NEM Forsikring chooses EasyClaims as their new claim system

Going forward, the EasyClaims system will ensure that NEM Forsikring optimizes claims management through increased automation and a better digital customer experience.


NEM Forsikring can soon look forward to becoming even more digital in their claims handling. NEM Forsikring examine the market for claims solutions and their choice fell on Scalepoint EasyClaims to reduce the manual work and at the same time give its customers a better digital experience.

EasyClaims offers a digital optimization of the entire claims process from first notification to payment. The solution is the most advanced and modern claims platform on the market. Our EasyClaims solution is a cloud-based and pre-integrated software with an eco-system consisting of many digital services and claims providers. This means that both insurance customers, claims employees and the insurance company's suppliers can work together in one common system where tasks, communication and finances can be handled digitally and with a high degree of automation. Furthermore, even much of the back-office work as provisions for reserves and management of recourse is digitally supported and can be automated.

As the solution is delivered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and is pre-configured for a wide range of damage types, you can completely avoid the usually very extensive implementation work with customized development. EasyClaims can typically be implemented in 6 months and since the implementation is minimal, you know the total economy in advance.

“For us, it is the right decision to choose a standard solution that is ready for use and thoroughly tested. Compared to risky and costly in-house development, EasyClaims allows us to get started quickly with low risk and this is even with a solution that is more advanced than anything else we have seen. This means that we can focus our development on further expanding, streamlining and digitizing our sales and distribution competencies and API gateway.”

Carsten Møller Pedersen

Director of NEM Forsikring

With EasyClaims, NEM Forsikring expects to achieve several benefits:

  • Improved digital customer experience
  • Increased automation in the claims department
  • Less time for administration and more time for customers
  • Avoid long-term and risky IT project that blocks business development
  • Opportunity to focus IT development on product development and sales
  • Get access to a solution that is continuously updated and is technologically future-proof

At Scalepoint, we are looking forward to helping NEM Forsikring optimize their processes and make their digital imprint even clearer to customers.

“When insurance companies decide to implement our solutions and let us be responsible for the operation of one of their core systems, that it is simply the highest recognition we can get. It makes me extremely proud on behalf of all the employees who have contributed."

Tue Høilund-Carlsen

CEO at Scalepoint

If you are interested in knowing more about EasyClaims solutions, you can read more at or you can book us for a meeting via or on 88 81 80 00.