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Scalepoint’s latest customer-oriented software – a solution for health insurance & personal injury claims

Scalepoint is happy and proud to announce our latest product, EasyClaims Health. A claim management solution for health and personal injury claims, EasyClaims Health can help you provide greater transparency to your customers while creating an even better process for your claim handlers.

Many P&C insurance companies face challenges like long cycle times, an abundance of manual processes, a lack of overview for both customers and claim handlers and limited management of medical providers. The result can be high claim costs and a confusing and insecure customer experience.

Long cycle times can mean too many phone calls

The process time for a personal injury or a health claim can feel long for the customer. Not only is the customer ill, but he or she is also worried about the claim and wondering what will happen next. Often customers call the insurance company several times during a claim for information about next steps and which treatment provider to contact. We have seen examples of customers calling the insurance company an average of 8 times in order to get information about a claim. Claim handlers have already been in contact the customer by phone or e-mail, but customers call anyway. The result is not only long phone queues and full inboxes, but also ineffective claims handling, because the claims handler is interrupted so many times. How can this process be improved, given the already long cycle times and the many regulations that need to be complied with, and without an overview of medical suppliers or SLA-contracts?

Take advantage of digitalisation

You might have heard the word ‘digitalisation’ a lot lately – but we know it works. Digitalize the value-creating parts of your claim processes and you will increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction. The customer needs to feel secure and to feel taken care of when experiencing sickness or the aftermath of an accident. That means you need to make the claim process transparent and prompt. Provide the customer with a 24/7 overview on an online customer portal. Decrease the number of queries on each claim and thus the number of interruptions for claims handlers. Provide claims handlers with the required overview of remaining tasks and promote work processes that help to deliver the best claims experience.

We created a platform that can make this happen in your claims department.

Read more about our EasyClaims Health solution right here.

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