A shortcut to digitalization

System integration – a shortcut to digitalization and better customer experiences. At Scalepoint, we make claim handling easy and quick. We help insurers help their customers.


A successful integration between IT-systems is an essential factor in the endeavour to create better and more digitalized claims processes. Integrations ensures that information and data can be shared across IT-systems. An integration solution will secure correct claims data, eliminate errors and reduce manual data entry, which cuts claims handling time and improves the customer experience.

Integrations is important both for the customer and for the claims handler, but the suppliers can also benefit greatly from an integration solution. Damage service companies like Dansk Bygningskontrol, RØSVA and SSG have just begun to enjoy the benefits of integrating to our generic integration point. This is a  generic integration solution that we have developed, and all insurance companies and service partners can connect to it.

In this way the damage service companies can handle insurance claims from their own IT-system.  Reporting and invoices take place electronically via integration with Scalepoint.

This saves a lot of time for both the damage service companies´ and also for the insurance companies, who end up with a faster claims handling and more correct claims data. This is particularly helpful when expriencing a cloudbust, where the number of claims can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to keep an overview.

3 arguments for spending time and money on a high-quality integration:

  • Ensure correct claims data
  • Eliminate errors
  • Reduce manual data entry

All 3 parameters help reduce administration expenses, shorten claims handling time and create better customer experiences.

Are you interested in hearing more about integration and how we work with digitalization in the insurance industry? Get in touch with us:meet_us@scalepoint.com