A claims handling Christmas tale – episode 1


Episode 1: Who stole Christmas? And will the children of the world ever be made whole again?

It was December 1st, and Santa was in a great mood. His little elves had been working around the clock for the past couple of months to finalize the Christmas presents for all the children of the world, and Santa couldn’t wait for it to be Christmas Eve so he could bring out the reindeers, jump into his nice, warm sled and fly from rooftop to rooftop, slide through the chimneys and place the presents under the Christmas trees.

For the past couple of days, he had been carrying presents from the elves’ craft shop to the sled, and today, the final two presents had been finalized. The two presents were wrapped in a beautiful blue paper and had big white bows on them, and as Santa carried them to his sled, he was joyfully singing, “I’m dreaming of a whiiiiiite Christmas”, but as he approached the garage door to the cozy garage where he kept his sled, all sound stopped, and it was replaced by confusion, dread, and chock.

The garage door was broken, and when Santa entered the garage, he realized that the sled was missing, and so were all of the presents! While holding on to the last two presents, which were now his only two presents, he quickly turned around, ran out of the garage and into the house, where he found Mrs. Santa and yelled in despair, “There has been a burglary! The sled is gone, and so are all of the presents. What should we do??? Christmas is ruined if we don’t have any presents for the children and a sled that is fast enough to bring out the presents in time!”.

Pragmatic as Mrs. Santa was, she managed to calm Santa down and said ”My dear, let’s start out by calling the insurance company. We need to report the missing sled and presents and see if maybe they can help us replace some of it in time”. And so, Santa carefully put down his last two presents on the counter, picked up the phone, and called his insurance company while thinking, “Will it be Christmas this year?”…. TO BE CONTINUED

Will Santa get through to the insurance company’s call center? Can they help him? And will it ever be Christmas this year?

Find out in the next episode of ‘A Claims Handling Christmas Tale’ next week…