A claims handling Christmas tale – episode 4


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Episode 4: Will the proposed solution from HUB’s network work? And even if it can take some weight off Chrissy’s shoulders, how will Santa be able to get the presents out in time? 

In the search for a solution to the manual work that Chrissy had to do in Candyland Insurance Company’s claims handling system, the auto mechanic in HUB’s network put HUB in contact with a woman named CORE, and as it turned out, CORE was well known in HUB’s network for being fast yet calm, thorough, and a true software wizard.

“Maybe she can help Chrissy out with her software, so it becomes faster,” HUB proposed.

“Can’t hurt to try,” Santa replied while thinking that no software wizard in this world could have a magic trick up her sleeve that could help Chrissy’s claims handling system to work fast enough. But if they could ease the burden from poor Chrissy so she could at least have a little time to share Christmas with her family and friends, then Santa would feel much better. And so, he contacted CORE and asked her to meet him at Candyland Insurance Company, where Chrissy worked.

The next day, Mrs. Santa packed a basket of her sweet gingerbread cookies, Christmas tea, and the candy canes that she knew Santa loved so much. As she kissed Santa on the cheek and waved him goodbye, she said, “try not to look so sad, dear Santa. I miss your jolly tunes“.

When turning up at Candyland Insurance Company, Santa’s boots felt heavy as he walked toward Chrissy. He could see that she was tired from being up all night and manually entering several hundred pieces of information into Candyland Insurance Company’s claims handling system. Though tired, Chrissy had worked nonstop like she promised Santa, as she knew it was up to her to get as much information into the system as possible in time, so all of the children of the world could get presents for Christmas.

When CORE turned up, Chrissy showed CORE the claims handling system that they used at Candyland Insurance Company and how it worked. “Can it be faster?” Santa asked.

“Absolutely,” CORE replied, “I can automate much of the work that Chrissy is doing, so the system will do the work for her. I just need to upgrade the system with an extension called ClaimShop.”

Both Chrissy and Santa were stunned. “How many of the missing presents do you think we will be able to get into the system before Christmas?” Santa asked.

“All of them,” CORE calmly replied, “but one thing is to get all of the presents into the system. Another thing is for you to get a hold of all of the new presents once the claim is approved and has gone through the system”.

“Oh my,” Santa replied. “I hadn’t even thought about that. Without the presents in my sled, I won’t have anything to put under the Christmas trees. I need to go home to think about a solution”. TO BE CONTINUED…

Will CORE really be able to automate the claims handling so they can make it time? Will Chrissy be able to get some sleep? And will Santa be able to collect replacements for all of the stolen presents so all of the children will have a present under their tree at Christmas? Stay tuned and find out next week.

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