A claims handling Christmas tale – episode 3


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Episode 3: Will Santa’s new sled be made in time? And who is at the door?

Outside Santa’s door stood a young man with a huge smile on his face and eyes that beamed as if they were the leading stars in the sky.

“Hello, Santa. I am HUB, the carpenter who will help you build a new sled”, he joyfully said.

With a single gaze at HUB, Santa’s mood immediately got better. OK, so someone stole his sled, but by the look at HUB and his can-do attitude, Santa was convinced that HUB would have a proper sled ready in time for Christmas Eve. If anyone could do it, it would be this guy.

Santa welcomed HUB into his house, and over a warm cup of Christmas tea and Mrs. Santa’s sweet gingerbread cookies, the two of them quickly made drawings of a sled that had the same features as the old sled, the same speed level, and the same cozy interior that had always made Santa feel that special warmth and cracking happiness that only Christmas can bring out.

“HUB, this is amazing!” Santa said. ”If you can build this, then I will actually be able to bring out the presents to the children in time for Christmas.”

After having said that, Santa’s mood dropped a bit, and quietly, almost to himself, he said, “I am only sad that maybe I won’t be able to make it through to all of the children this year.”

“Why is that?” HUB asked, and Santa told him the story about the stolen presents and poor Chrissy at Candyland Insurance Company, who would have to work day and night and still wouldn’t have a chance to get all of the presents entered into the company’s claims handling system in time so Santa could get the presents replaced.

As HUB was an optimistic problem solver with a huge network of friends, he called around to see if any of them had good ideas for a solution that could help Santa and Chrissy out. He contacted an auto mechanic from his network who told HUB that he had a solution that might work, but to make it in time for Christmas, they would have to work fast…. TO BE CONTINUED….

Will the proposed solution from HUB’s network work? And even if it can take some weight off Chrissy’s shoulders, how will Santa be able to get the presents out in time? Will Santa get all of his Christmas spirit back and be able to finalize the happy tunes of “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas? Stay tuned and find out later this week…

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