A claims handling Christmas tale – episode 2


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Episode 2: Will Santa get through to the insurance company’s call center? Will they be able to help him? And will the children of the world ever be made whole again?

”Hello, this is Candyland Insurance Company, how may I help you?”

Luckily, Santa’s insurance company immediately picked up the phone when he called to report his sled, and all of the Christmas presents were stolen. As Santa explained the situation to Chrissy, the claims handler at Candyland Insurance Company, he could hear the despair in Chrissy’s voice. The sled could be replaced as Chrissy’s insurance company worked with an extensive network of carpenters who could make a new one, but the presents would be an issue.

As Santa’s elves had made presents for all the children of the world, and the children had different types of wishes so not all presents were the same, it meant that Santa would have to report a lot of detailed information about the lost presents to Chrissy. Chrissy would then have to spend time in her claims handling system to register the information, validate the policy, archive the documentation and she would also need to find a way to manually enter the data of each present into the software system that Candyland Insurance Company used for handling claims. That would take time. A lot of time.

“But we don’t have enough time for that!” Santa desperately said. “We need all of the presents replaced before Christmas, so I can bring them out in time. Surely there must be a smarter and quicker way to do this?”.

”I am sorry, ” Chrissy replied in a sad tone. ”I would really love to help, but there is no other way. If you send me the list of stolen presents, I will start entering them into our system immediately. I promise that I will work nonstop, day and night, to get as many as I can into the system but getting them all in there in time will be impossible.”

Chrissy continued in a comforting voice, “I have already entered the sled into the system as we were speaking, so you will hear from one of the carpenters in our network very soon.”

Santa’s heart was broken as he hung up the phone.

“Poor Chrissy,” he thought. ”I hope this will not ruin her Christmas spirit as it will take time away from her family in this season that was supposed to be jolly.”

As he put his phone back in his pocket, it started ringing.

“Hello, this is HUB, the carpenter,” the voice on the line said. “I heard you are in need of a new sled. I am ready to build a new one for you in no time so you can be ready for Christmas”, HUB joyfully said.
“Wow, that was quick,” Santa replied, as he had dreaded he’d have to wait a couple of days before the carpenter reached out.

”Well, I get a message as soon as Chrissy enters a job into her system, so I know right away when someone needs my help,” HUB replied. “Shall we get started? I can be at your place today, and we can make a drawing and features description from which I can build a new sled”.

“I’ll put on a kettle of Christmas tea and ask Mrs. Santa to find us some nice gingerbread cookies,” Santa replied.

While brewing the tea, he found himself being quite impressed by Chrissy and HUB and how fast and dedicatedly they worked to help him solve his missing-sled problem.

”Maybe we can actually make a new sled in time,” he thought to himself. “But what about the presents? Poor Chrissy will never be able to work that fast.”

Though Santa was still worried, he slowly started whistling the tunes for ”I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” while focusing on the new sled that HUB was about to build, and as the doorbell rang, he found himself in a rather optimistic mood… TO BE CONTINUED

Will HUB be able to build a sled that is just as fast as the old one? Will Chrissy be able to handle the claim in the system before Christmas? What happens to all of the children if they don’t get a present for Christmas? And who is at the door? Maybe we’ll find out in the next episode of ‘A Claims Handling Christmas Tale’…

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