5 key takeaways from our CEO

5 key takeaways from our CEO, Tue Høilund-Carlsen, who attended McKinsey & Co’s European Claims Forum 2022.

Chief Executive Officer

Tue Høilund-Carlsen


1. Cyber risk is rising exponentially, and the current war in Europe only increases that risk. The same goes for Natural catastrophes (NatCat). The current climate goals are not enough to avoid increased flooding and wildfires. Unfortunate insurance "opportunities" for many years to come.

2. Great talent is a scarce resource for everyone, and post-covid employee expectations have changed forever. Remote work and flexibility are the new normal.

3. Next-level customer experience is all about convenience since consumers are getting used to same/next day Amazon deliveries. Integrating ecosystems of garages, builders and hospitals and digitising the whole claims process is paramount to meeting customers' expectations.

4. Brokers and agents support growth for many insurers but can make new customer initiatives more challenging to implement. Aligning the interests of insurers and brokers is vital to pushing further claims digitisation in many countries.

5. Insurers invest five times more in digital distribution than in the digitisation of claims. The link between claims experiences and revenue growth is still too unclear. Could we change that by better using an outstanding claims experience as a sales reference for friends and families?