Supporting the Health of our Employees

A healthy body and mind are key to a good life. At Scalepoint, we offer several activities supporting the health of our employees, such as a Scalepoint running club and monthly sports activities that vary in type from month to month. By ensuring variety in the sports events, we include all employees regardless of their preferred sports activity throughout the year. Examples of sports events are paddle tennis, disc golf, wall climbing, and wake boarding.

As part of supporting a healthy work-life balance, we offer our employees a flexible work life with the opportunity of working from home and flexibility in hours spent at our offices.

Sports events

Work Environment Committee

At Scalepoint, we have an active Work Environment Committee (AMO). On an ongoing basis, the committee investigates and explores how Scalepoint can further improve our work environment through new initiatives. Additionally, we carry out annual employee engagement surveys, report on the results, and use these as our guide to how we can continue to increase our employee satisfaction.

Other UN Goals We Support

#5: Gender Equality

Diversity and equality are two very important goals, and at Scalepoint we see both as an essential part of our DNA and our more than 200 employees spread across Europe.

#12: Responsible Consumption and Production

With focus on consumption and production we continuously increase sustainability in our operation and customer options.

#13: Climate Action

We want to minimise our climate impact by disposing trash sustainably, reducing our energy consumption and reducing food waste as much as possible.

#16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

We have no tolerance for corruption and injustice. To fight it, we have a whistleblower system and a Supplier Code of Conduct.