Paperless Workplace

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have a “paperless workplace” policy. This means that all employees mainly work digitally to reduce the use of paper and that necessary tools are available so all processes of our work can be made and shared digitally. To support the paperless workplace policy, we also have a clean desk policy.

Energy Efficient Data Centers

As Scalepoint supplies software for the insurance industry, we use a large amount of energy for data storage and -protection. We recognize our responsibility within energy consumption and proactively take action in pushing toward the green transition worldwide. Therefore, we store our data at data centers solely using green energy, which means that the energy comes from sustainable sources such as the sun, wind, and water.

Refurbishing Worn Out IT Equipment

Every year, companies across the world dispose several tons of IT equipment. At Scalepoint, we see the value in reducing the amount of wasted IT equipment by reusing devices that still function, and we proactively do what we can to minimize the waste from our company. At the end of a computer or mobile phone’s life cycle, our employees are offered to purchase the device for their own use. If devices are too old or not purchased by our employees, they are sold to 3StepIT, who refurbishes the devices and resells them to new users where the devices can get a new life.

Promotional Gifts

We keep our promotional gifts to a minimum to make sure we do not spend unnecessary materials that end up in the waste bin. When promotional gifts are purchased, we only use gifts that serve a purpose and that are made from sustainable materials. Examples of promotional gifts that we use are reusable bags made from sustainable textiles, so the receiver avoids using plastic bags when shopping, and umbrellas made from recycled PET bottles. This way, our gifts make sense, not only to the receiver but also to nature.

Sustainable Options for Our Customers

We continuously work on adding new sustainable alternatives to the range of suppliers in our ClaimShop webshop. This way, we support those of our users who prefer shopping from sustainable companies just like we show the users who did not think of the sustainable option that there is a sustainable alternative. A few examples of sustainable suppliers in our Shop are Buddha Bikes and SassyLab. We work closely with our customers and suppliers aiming to promote their sustainable products in the webshop including potential secondhand offerings.

Other UN Goals We support

#3: Good Health & Well-being

A healthy body and mind are key to a good life. At Scalepoint, we highly support good health and work-life balance for our employees.

#5: Gender Equality

Diversity and equality are two very important goals, and at Scalepoint we see both as an essential part of our DNA and our more than 200 employees spread across Europe.

#13: Climate Action

We want to minimise our climate impact by disposing trash sustainably, reducing our energy consumption and reducing food waste as much as possible.

#16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

We have no tolerance for corruption and injustice. To fight it, we have a whistleblower system and a Supplier Code of Conduct.