EasyClaims Property

EasyClaims connects service providers, supply chain partners and assessors with claims handlers and ensures everybody has an overview of the claim and their required tasks. The customer gets a full overview of the claims process, from the moment they file a claim to the moment their property is replaced or the payment is received..

A unique, world-class customer experience

The insured gets an instant overview of the claims process, including current status, next steps, service provider contact and more.

An open procurement network

All service providers can be immediately activated on a claim.

Automated processes

Any claim can be fully automated for maximum time savings.

Customer Journey

My roof is broken!

Who is going to help me?

Inspection by craftsman

When is the repair conducted?

Great! My roof is fixed!

Building App

Users can access all the necessary functionalities for progressing a claim. A tight integration with phone cameras ensures simple handling of both pictures and videos, making it easy to document all necessary information on location and quickly share it with claimants or other relevant parties.

It’s the smartest work tool for assessors and craftsmen.

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