EasyClaims Health

EasyClaims Health is an end-to-end process and case management system for handling injuries, including but not limited to private medical insurance and accident insurance. By using the built-in estimation and validation tool, EasyClaims Health secures appropriate pricing and makes claims handling quicker and easier. And EasyClaims Health offers a communication platform that guarantees secure communication between internal and external parties and with customers.

Supplier (SRM) Portal

Have one unified portal makes management of clinical providers much easier and more effective.  Manage price agreements, pre-purchased service, steering, availability, SLA’s, tenders services and contracts information to the right level of detail for your organization and your market.

Digital Claim Process & Automation

Make sure your organization benefits from digitalization. Establish a platform for easy claims handling where all documents, files and communication are handled in one secure environment. The system offers the flexibility to involve external participants if needed. Enhance efficiencies through our customized rules engine.

Patient centric

Enable transparency and make sure that claimant is accurately informed – providing him/her an overview at all times where contact information, case history and personal medical files are gathered in a secure place.

Customer Journey

Ouch, my knee hurts!

Is my claim covered, and where can i get treatment?

Medical consultation

Is it okay to operate, and when is my appointment?

Great! My knee is fixed

Would you like to find out more?