EasyClaims Health

EasyClaims Health provides a secure environment for all your customers’ confidential health records on an open, transparent platform that lets them stay close to the claim process. Supporting free choice of healthcare provider, EasyClaims Health offers a range of automation possibilities, making the overall claim process significantly more efficient. Supported by the EasyClaims pre-approved service provider network, the claims accelerator also helps ensure optimal service quality, which can help reduce reoccurring and evolving claims.

A digital claim process with automation

Delivering optimal workflow efficiency supported by a range of rules-based automated processes.


The patient is in focus

They get a transparent claims experience that delivers quick access to the needed treatment.


Secure supplier and document mngt.

Manage price agreements, pre-purchased service, steering, availability, SLAs, tenders services and contracts to the right level of detail for your organization and your market.

Customer Journey

Ouch, my knee hurts!

Is my claim covered, and where can i get treatment?

Medical consultation

Is it okay to operate, and when is my appointment?

Great! My knee is fixed

Would you like to find out more?