EasyClaims Content

Digitalize claims handling and give your insured customers a quick and digital way to access their claims. Ensure transparent and correct claim compensation. Offer your insured customers access to a webshop where they can repurchase items at favourable prices.


This module allows claimants to register their lost items online. Important documentation like photos and receipts can be added.


The shop modules offer claimants access to a webshop where they can use their claims compensation to purchase whatever they like. They can replace lost items at a discount, buy something new, or select a cash payout. Member and employee shops are also available.

Settlement Tool

The settlement module makes sure that business rules are applied to all claims and that prices are challenged. It provides a platform for uniform and high-quality claims handling.

Customer Journey

My bicycle is gone!

Is my claim covered?

How much money will I get?

How fast can I get my new bicycle?

Yeah – I got my new bicycle and discounts!


eVoucher is a functionality that makes it fast and easy for customers to purchase lost items. In short, eVoucher makes it possible for the insured to go to a shop immediately after they have received their settlement.

This means no more waiting for a voucher to arrive by post and no need to print anything out. The customer simply enters the eVoucher code they receive by SMS when it’s time to pay in the shop. 

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