EasyClaims Building

Our EasyClaims Building (ECB) software solution is a claims management system for building damage. ECB is a process tool that facilitates fast and effective communication between contractors and insurance companies. It gives policyholders access to their own customer page where they can follow their claim.

Easy communication

ECB gives every participant in the claim access to the same platform, making it easier to communicate and share files.

Process & Transparency

Claimants and every other participant in the process can follow the claim status online and get instant updates.

Supplier management

ECB includes systematic referral and automatic validation of repair offers from contractors and other skilled tradespeople.

Customer Journey

My roof is broken!

Who is going to help me?

Inspection by craftsman

When is the repair conducted?

Great! My roof is fixed!

Building App

The App provides mobility for field assessors and contractors and enables easy and quick handling on the road.

The app ensures that claims info is accessible at all time – providing easy and fast communication with all involved.

A tight integration with phone cameras ensures simple handling of both pictures and videos, which makes it easy for you to document all necessary information on location and to quickly share info with claimants or other relevant parties.

Our app can be downloaded here

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