We are looking for talented candidates for the following positions:



Job descriptions are removed when the right employee has been found.

If you want to learn more about each position, please feel free to write us at or call us at+45 88 81 80 00.

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As an ambitious company, Scalepoint is always looking for talented and qualified employees so that we can remain agile and competitive in a constantly developing market. 

To continue our success, we need candidates with diverse backgrounds and skills-people who are the best in their respective fields.

We offer international career opportunities in Sales, Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Software Development, and the opportunity to be part

of a successful growing organization where the freedom to pursue your work is matched with responsibilities and expectations.

Working with Scalepoint, you become part of the front line in our industry. You will join a strong team of like-minded and ambitious people who are all dedicated and share the desire to be the best.

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