Scalepoint ClaimShop powers automated claims settlement for Zurich Insurance

Scalepoint ClaimShop powers automated claims settlement for Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Zurich Insurance in Switzerland deploys a fully automated claims process from online registration through settlement with focus on improving customer experience.

Zurich’s digital claims processes are supported by Scalepoint´s cloud-based SaaS solution, ClaimShop, being an integrated part of online claims reporting. When filing a claim online, customers can clearly identify their lost items in Scalepoint ClaimShop product catalog and attach the necessary documentation, making required information available in one smooth process. Integrated systems from Zurich then handle claim creation, coverage checks and fraud detection. Assessment and final claims settlement is enabled by Scalepoint ClaimShop and carried out via the online portal. The customer’s problem is solved within a few hours, including compensation or purchase of lost items.

Throughout the claims settlement process, Scalepoint’s automation module works behind the scenes and uses multiple configurable algorithms (AI) to check whether items, costs and other circumstances comply with Zurich’s regulatory guidelines. The result of the check determines whether the case can be instantly approved and paid out immediately, or whether the case will be sent to a claim handler for manual processing. As always, customers receive their compensation via Scalepoint ClaimShop online portal.

Ralph Echensperger, Chief Claims Officer and member of Zurich’s management team is delighted: “We have reached another important milestone in digitalization of our core processes. Scalepoint’s SaaS claim solution has proven to be easy and fast to implement as an integrated part of the claims automation process. With this step, we deliver an even better experience to claimants, as it becomes easier, faster and more convenient to register and settle claims.”