Here come the robots

With the help of Scalepoint, Trygg-Hansa AB is moving towards a future with an ever-increasing amount of intelligent automation. Magnus Carlsson, head of automation at the Swedish insurance company Trygg-Hansa, admits that […]

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”This is really going to make waves”

Codan Forsikring A/S and Scalepoint Technologies are creating a digitalised, ‘intelligent’ claims management system across all of the company’s claims categories.

The year is 2022, and a burst pipe is flooding your basement. You are at work and have no idea of what’s going on. But your insurance company does […]

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Scalepoint Innovation Days

Getting high-value ideas quickly off the ground
As part of a new event named “Innovation Days” a total of 50 employees in Scalepoint recently worked around the clock for two full days developing innovative business ideas with the potential to make a difference for customers in the insurance industry […]

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iPad App for loss adjusters and suppliers

Our iPad App makes your everyday mobile routines easier. If you’re a loss adjusters or craftsman who works with Scalepoint Building solution on a daily basis, we have something for you! The iPad App that offers you a range of improvements to your everyday mobile routines. In […]

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Health is here to help

Scalepoint’s latest customer-oriented software
– a solution for health insurance & personal injury claims Scalepoint is happy and proud to announce our latest product, EasyClaims Health. A claim management solution for health and personal injury claims, EasyClaims Health can help you provide greater transparency to your customers while creating an […]

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Automatic Validation

Validation of reports is a key part of a loss adjuster’s work. A report like a quote from a craftsman typically contains 50 to 100 points of information, making manual control virtually impossible. Our studies show that it takes loss adjusters 20 to 40 minutes to make a thorough report validation. Automatic Validation […]

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Automatic payment

Our development team coupled two new companies on the technically very secure and stable solution for Automatic Supplier payments. This solution makes the insurance companies’ payment procedure much more simple and fast. The integration ensures that service partners (craftsmen and damage service) get their money on time without errors and with minimal manual […]

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